Thursday, March 4, 2010

Supply and Demand Meets Tornado

In January, Diane Sawyer (this is a video podcast -- go to the 14:10 mark) explained how a couple of Reynolds 33 catamarans were thrown 50 feet in the air by a tornado/water spout/high winds in Southern California. The one shown here was called "Supply and Demand."

Fortunately, no one was on board, and no one (not even the Wicked Witch of the East) was underneath Supply and Demand when it came crashing down on the pier.

It is in remarkably good shape considering it fell 50' and had its trampoline pierced by the 12' pylon shown in the photo. But people rely on supply and demand for their safety, and this boat had enough structural damage to be considered a total loss.

Thankfully, designer Randy Reynolds says that Supply and Demand can be built again from the same specifications, and will continue to far outperform Keynesian, Marxist, Feminist, Austrian, and just about any other vessel, and do it with much greater efficiency.

Boat US and the Seaworthy Insurance Company deserve special thanks for handling this freak accident so professionally, and promptly and cheerfully paying Supply and Demand's owner pursuant to its insurance contract! Randy Reynolds and Bob Long are not only great sailors and boat builders, but also engineered a quick recovery from the storm. Thanks also to the United States Coast Guard.

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