Wednesday, March 30, 2022

The Most Tardy ERP in History

The White House Council of Economic Advisers' Annual Report, a.k.a., Economic Report of the President, has not yet been transmitted to Congress as of today, the 89th day of 2022.

This is the latest ERP transmittal ever, with the previous record being 2019, which was transmitted on the 78th day (signed on the 77th -- see photo below) following a prolonged federal government shutdown.  

By law, the ERP must be transmitted to Congress annually.  Initially, the deadline was within 60 days of when Congress began its regular session, which is typically January 3.  In 1978, that deadline was shortened to 20 (?) days.  In 1990, and still today, a 10-day deadline is triggered by the President's Budget submission rather than the Congressional session.  That submission occurred on March 28, putting the 2022 ERP deadline at Thursday April 7, 2022.

Unless the law is to be broken by a wide margin, the 2022 ERP will be the first ever issued in April.  It will be only the 4th of 76 to be transmitted after February 23.