Friday, February 5, 2010

Payroll Data: More Women Working than Men

Today the BLS revised its previous estimates of nonfarm payroll employees, the monthly aggregate employment series that gets the most media attention.

BLS says that 65.435 million payroll employees in Dec 2009 were women, and only 64.996 million were men (these are NOT seasonally adjusted).

In fact, the revisions say that women reached majority status in February 2009 (65.660 million to 65.654 million). (Women are not a majority of employment measured by the household survey).

I predicted that the payroll workforce had to drop below 131 million for this to happen, in fact it had to drop only to 131.314 million (as it did in Feb).

Below is a chart of male and female payroll employment for each of the months of 2009.


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