Sunday, January 11, 2009

Economic Numbers Coming out this Week

In the order of importance in my analysis:

  1. Dec real earnings (BLS, Fri)
  2. Dec Advance Retail Sales (Census Bureau, Wed)
  3. Dec PPI (BLS, Thurs)
  4. Dec CPI (BLS, Fri)
  5. Industrial Production (Fed, Fri)
  6. Nov International Trade (BEA, Tues)
  7. JOLT (BLS, Tues)

The Federal Reserve Bank of NY has a nice calendar.

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Jonathan said...

Professor Mulligan -- did you see that the BLS "Change in Real Earnings" for November was +0.22, which is by far the largest in the historical data? The next largest is +0.14 in January 1972.

This seems pretty strong evidence that labor supply is contracting more than demand.