Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wow! Astonishing Incongruence with Conventional Wisdom

The videos were under oath.

"In late 2009 when we began to see some glimmer of hiring returning to the economy; however, we were hit head on with a hurdle we did not anticipate. We had applicants applying for jobs, but only to protect their status for unemployment insurance."
Stacey G. Reece, Spherion Staffing and Professional Recruiting [emphasis in original].

"Our experience would say that 8 out of 10 people on unemployment or other benefit programs will utilize those benefits as much as possible to avoid working. We have interviewed and offered people jobs on various benefits and we often hear:

'I have x number of weeks left on unemployment, I’m going to ride it out then look for a job.'

'I think there will be an extension to unemployment and I won’t need to look for a job.'

'I’ve been on unemployment for 2 years and it runs out in a couple of weeks. Do you have any openings?'

'The starting/training wage for this job is less than what I make on unemployment. I’ll stick with unemployment until it runs out.'

... our local employers are exceeding frustrated.  We struggle to successfully run our companies continually short-handed."

Andrea L. Carter. President Hydranamics, Inc., single-quoted text are statements by applicants for her Ohio manufacturing positions. [read more here]

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Unknown said...

I've been a Main St merchant for most of my life. We don't pay minimum wage. We pay $10 an hour for part time help plus a percentage at certain break points.

My people are honest, hardworking, and have been with me for years. If somebody quits, they usually have somebody else who wants their job before they even put in their notice.

And this is only part time retail work. If you treat people well, they treat you and yours well.

This guys testimony tells us that Corporations want NO SAFETY net for workers ... who will then work for slave wagers or starve.

When people can't find a decent wage, of course they'll prefer unemployment. ITS BIG BUSINESS who created this disconnect. NOT LAZY WORKERS!!

Again, I'm no wage slave. I have been self employed pretty much all my life... and I know people.

This guy is just another corporatist shill.... hawking the "let em eat cake" mentality of the evil evil multi nationals who have stolen our country and American dream.