Friday, December 18, 2009

Hunting with PK

If you think it's dangerous to hunt with DC, read this story:

Smithie Adams has been a recreational hunter: the occasional deer, duck, or rabbit. His basic approach has been to aim his rifle at the intended target, shoot, and hope his hand was steady enough.

This season he went hunting with PK, rumored to be a world expert. PK offered this advice.

"Today is the third Friday of the hunting season, in a year with that is a prime number minus two.

On such Friday's, betweeen 11:15 and 11:30 Greenwich time, you cannot hit your prey by aiming your rifle at the target.

You will hit your target by aiming your rifle at yourself!"

How does this story end?
  • Smithie Adams aims at himself and fires?
  • Smithie Adams says, "I'll take a break from hunting until after 1130."
  • Smithie Adams laughs and says "PK, clearly you have another agenda!"


DWAnderson said...


Tino said...

your on a roll!

Unknown said...

What were they smoking when they made PK a Nobel anyway?

Unknown said...

I hope the story ends with Smithie Adams handing the rifle over to PK and asking him to prove it first.