Friday, November 20, 2009

Bears Fan

Does this picture explain why I blame a large fraction of public policy mistakes (bank bailout, mortgage modification, min wage hike, etc.) on the previous administration?


Robert said...

Hi Casey:

I'd be curious to hear your toughts on deflation.

In our industry, the manufacturers claim to be holding prices, but are quietly making all kinds of deals to "help" us be more competitive.

Our competitors are taking those incentives and chasing prospects with what appears to the dealer to be lower prices across the board.

This is new behavior. For the past 8 years, no one really asked what the price was. Currently it's the prime topic.

Then I went online and ordered a pizza from pizzahut Friday. Suddenly every pizza is $10, half the price of the past few years. If that's a short term promotion were ok. If that's the new reality, are we in trouble?

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Greg said...

You should incorporate some Chicago Bears discussion into the blog... a la Professor Bainbridge