Saturday, February 28, 2009

cnnmoney survey of small business

Sorry, it does not fit the credit crunch stereotype.


Max Rockbin said...

People love your blog because you seem like the lone voice of optimism (or at least of skepticism) in the Economics Universe of Death.
But it's kind of discouraging when you post stuff like this that's obviously not meaningful.
75% of Small Business people (who participated) say they think their biz will weather the downturn?
What if you asked them the same question ("Do you think your business will survive the year") a year ago? It would've been 99%.
There's lots of silliness like that.
Silly posts, if they're not supposed to be funny, kind of dilute your more thoughtful stuff.

Tino said...

He is referring to the 6% of small B that have had problems with credit. Whats wrong with using polls? Where do you think economic statistics (about employment or GDP say) come from? Just bigger polls.

james said...

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