Monday, October 27, 2014

Cook County ballot is full of uncontested elections

Even the Cook County Board President is running unopposed. Not exactly free entry


Lucas said...

Completely unrelated to this article, but it seems to me that you have a fundamentally wrong understanding of the economy. Supply and demand in that order would mean that you would produce a million units of something before testing a prototype and selling small quantities to measure the demand and therefore the needed production size. But then you contradict your own slogan by writing a book and selling it through ebook format instead of getting a loan a printing the 10 million copies the public should buy because you supplied. I am sorry to tell you that demand is first.

Tom Dougherty said...


What is your demand for a Rolls Royce?

Sell 10 million copies of your own book (supply), then you may be able to purchase one (demand). See, supply and demand (in that order).