Monday, December 17, 2012

Work Can be Too Expensive

The U.K. did a survey of non-employed participants in their various anti-poverty programs.  87 percent expressed concerns that going to work, rather than remaining on benefits, would be too expensive.  Here are some more details:

"By far the biggest concerns about leaving benefit were financial. Nearly one quarter (23 per cent)
mentioned the ‘earnings gap’ in one form or another:
• 15 per cent were worried about having to wait for their first pay day;
• seven per cent were concerned about having to pay bills before they started receiving pay;
• one per cent were anxious about getting into debt before they started receiving pay.

Other common financial worries included not having enough money to live on (14 per cent), not being
able to pay bills (14 per cent), the job not paying well (11 per cent), and not earning enough to pay the
rent (nine per cent).
Collectively, nearly nine in ten respondents mentioned some sort of financial concern in this
unprompted format (87 per cent)."

Read the full report here.  Of course, these things do not happen in America.

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